I just finished sharing a nice post about photography. Even pros are always learning, working towards improving the craft. I got a text from one of my best friends asking for advice on what his next camera should be. I sent him suggestions from the Wirecutter. It’s unbelievable the quality you can get with a few hundred dollars These days. The way I see it even an entry level Nikon or Canon can do an amazing job. The following text a sent my friend asked: “Are you having fun taking pictures?” To me that is the most important element, you might just have learned the most basic composition rules or rather suggestions. You may have that super advanced body and glass your friends envy. But again, the most important ingredient is enjoying taking even those shots you think suck.

Not my best work by any means, but taking this photo made my day.

It would be hypocritical of my to deny I still love the latest and greatest photography gear or that I won’t be in the look out for a great deal, but the truth is that the glass and body are tools to capture what your heart and mind want to preserve or set aside. The fact that you chose that frame over so many others and that you felt the connection with what to you chose to highlight or as some say “you captured what spoke to you” is what photography is truly about. Photography is therapeutic, it’s inspiring, uplifting, transforming and on top of that photography is pure fun. May every shot feel like a goal, touch down, home run and a dunk over a 7’2″ center.

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