During the last few weeks I have been in San Juan, Puerto Rico and San Francisco, California. As I have written before, whenever possible I try to fly on the Boeing 767 over any other United plane. While I have always loved the B777 United has managed to add way too many seats making this excellent plane feel crammed as hell. Most of the B767s feel a lot more comfortable.

On my way to San Juan on the B767 I picked seat 17B and as usual the ride was a lot smoother than most others on B737s, A320/1 and B777s.

On the way back, I was upgraded to United First, which offers lay flat seats and a lot more private ride. As you probably guessed, the entertainment system is also much better thanks to a 19″ screen. The service was great, but the food was one of the worst I have ever had even in economy. I left most of my salmon.

On my way to SFO, I rode on a B777 with 10 rows, somehow this time around seat 16D, a bulkhead right across from the door, felt much better than on previous long haul flights in which I have made similar selections. Instead of only food for purchase, we were given the option of chicken or pasta. On the return flight on a 787-10 Dreamliner, although there were plenty of business seats available, United only upgrade low elites to Premium Plus, which I have to admit it’s equivalent or better than business on many United routes. Again I snagged a bulkhead (20J) and the flight turn out to be one of my best ever on United, thanks to the Dreamliner. Flying on a 787 is a no brainer, if it fits with my travel plans, I still prefer to fly one of the first couple of flights of the day. I would not take an afternoon flight just for the Dreamliner. My return flight was delayed from 8:15 am to 4 pm. I just wanted to come back home, but I had no real options until after 4:15pm.

The 787 and its premium plus seat made my trip back quite enjoyable matching my business/first trips and putting most other United planes to shame. On a long haul flight flying on the 787-10 might justify flying at less than ideal times. There’s something about how bright and comfortable this plane is. I will definitely try to fly on it again.

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