Last Friday my United flight was delayed from 8:15 am PT to 4pm. The notification from United arrived via text around 2:20 am. I did not see it until 5:45 am. If there were any early flights I guess others took it. The next available flight was at 4:15pm.

I decided to get breakfast and requested late check out on my way back to the room. I left the hotel around 12:30 pm via the shuttle. I made it to the Centurion lounge around 1:05 pm and did the pre-check-in as instructed on the Amex app. Either the restrictions are not being fully enforced or Amex needs a bigger lounge. I did not notice a significant drop in the number of members at the lounge. While it’s true that there were less people than on my previous visits the place was still nearly full to the point that getting a table was pretty much the usual struggle. Granted Friday afternoon has got to be one of the busiest times of the week as business travelers flock back home.

The food and coffee were delicious, but Amex really needs to invest in greater capacity as those lounges are one of their greatest strategic advantages.

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