According to Forbes at the beginning of last year the number of US citizens with valid passports reached 41% up from 27% in 2007. A report shows that 93 million Americans traveled abroad in 2018. This means that 232 million Americans stayed in the US. We hope that most of them at least travelled locally.

As Saint Augustine of Hippo wisely said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

I sometimes hear people “bragging” about not taking vacations or not having a passport because apparently their neighborhoods have everything they need. Bad joke aside, there are lots of people who dream about traveling the world, but have no idea of how to start and/or think that traveling to their dream destination or any destination is well beyond reach.

Maybe that changes if they see someone close to them goes to Tokyo or Copenhagen and shares how easy getting there and getting around while having a great time can be. In the last few days I have met several people with good income, vacation time and the desire of one day going to Rome, Paris and Hong Kong, but believing that it’s just to difficult to make those dreams a reality. I have shared my experiences and offered to help planning those trips. I’m still waiting. I have recommended checking out Attaché on YouTube and TravelMan 48 Hours on Hulu as sources of inspiration and of course Rick Steves videos. I love Rick Steves, I just wish he went back and did everything again in 4K HDR. I have also given away some of my Rick Steves guides in hopes that they will inspire friends and acquaintances to take that first step and read more pages and chapters of book we live in.

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