If you want to see Manhattan at its best you have to see the island during sunset.

In the past we have done the Circle Line Harbor Lights cruise, but this time the VIP version was sold out for our dates. We did a little research and found many recommendations for Manhattan by Sail. The last sail of the day is the equivalent of the harbor lights cruise. There are 2 ways to do this cruise, since we were staying at the Downtown Marriott, we opted to depart from the south side of the North Cove Marina at Brookfield.

Although finding the exact location was a bit fussy, I highly recommend getting there 30 minutes before your sail, once we found the boat, things went much better than expected.

We went with some friends and everyone in our party loved it. It truly felt as if we had chartered a private sail. While the Circle Line harbor lights cruise allows you to see more of Manhattan, this sail focuses on New York harbor and you see the sunset behind Lady Liberty. It’s definitely a very different experience, much more intimate and less crowded. One of the highlights of this experience was the crew of the Shearwater, great sense of humor while being extremely attentive, kind and professional.

I for once don’t think of NYC and sailing, but I’m so glad we did and we would definitely do it again. Next time we will perhaps try the bigger boat which leaves from the Battery Park area.

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