I was reading Daringfireball.net, one of my favorite Apple/tech blogs the other day, when I noticed an ad for Monarch Trips I clicked on it and saw that it has a 4.9-star rating on the iOS store (11


The app looks interesting and I have never heard about it, so I took a chance and paid the $2.99. Of course, I could not resist comparing this new app with Visit a City and Google Trips. Monarch Trips looks clean and there are no adds or attempts to get you to pay for tours, book a flight, hotel, etc.

Once you click on “Create a Trip” a list of top attractions which the app calls “Favorites” shows up.

While it does not ask you to add a hotel you may add it just as another attraction or favorite.

You then are shown your day plan, but you must manually add your hotel twice. By clicking “Edit” you can change the order of attentions. You will also see how long it takes to get to your next point of interest driving or walking. When you click on it it will offer to take you to Maps or Google maps.

The apps offers to send you to Yelp and simile services when you select a point of interest.

I neglected to point out that you can share your plans with others.

I just tested the sharing feature, you can share with iOS users ( iPhone and iPad), all they have to do is download the app.

As is, this app can be useful for people planning a trip anywhere. Looking at the app change long, it seems the developers are committed to improving this product and I would expect it will continue to improve. The app does what most might need to to do, it is clean and easy to use. I will keep using it as another tool in my travel app kit.

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