View from the Hyatt Regency Orlando

Hyatt has a very special place in my heart. Although, I’m a lowly Discoverist, I have gotten more upgrades and excellent experiences with Hyatt than with any other hotel family. Hyatt also has the strongest of all hotel reward currencies especially if you transfer points from Chase. The downside with Hyatt is the fact that they have fewer hotels than Hilton and of course Marriott. In a perfect world, Hyatt would have bought Kimpton and SPG, but since they missed those acquisitions, Hyatt has been adding smaller hotel groups at a good pace.

The other thing I have been noticing more and more is that the availability of award nights has steadily been going down. Still, when I’m looking for hotels Hyatt is my top choice.

For my 2020 strategy I’m very tempted to try to complete 20 stays to become a Globalist. We will decide if we will take that route by the end of the summer.

Next time, I will go over the good, the bad and the ugly about Hilton.

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