As I was getting ready to check out, the person at the desk said, “It seems you travel a lot! What’s your favorite hotel?” since I was leaving a Marriott, The first hotel that came to my mind was JW Marriott Venice.

I know for some this hotel would not make it to the top 10 best in Venice. however, even when our room could have been better or we could have gotten a suite, but did not, our family loved it. There is something very special about being able to be in Venice and at the same time having the ability to get away from it all at the

Isola delle Rose.

The best hotel we have stayed at, and one we plan to stay at again soon is the wonderful Park Hyatt Milan.

That was my answer. In every trip we take, we try to go to hotels that are at the very best possible location and give us great value. The hotel is not the destination, unless we are going to an all-inclusive resort and want to be isolated from the rest of the world. A hotel like the Kung Arthur in Copenhagen or The The Nadler Kensington in London offer great value and everything you may need to make the most of your time. I don’t fetishize planes either. Yes, it would be nice to fly on an A350/A380 than an A330/A340 or B777/B787/B767 than almost any other plane, but when it comes to planes all I care to to make it as safe, fast and comfortable as possible. That out if the way, I do plan to make a list of hotels I would like to stay at within the next couple of years.

So what is/are your favorite hotel(s)?

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