For some creating a booking calendar might kill the thrill of booking a last minute trip, but for us it is a must. While we are planning trips for the Summer, we kind of dropped the ball with our spring break. We ended up booking a couple of nights near Lake George and another 2 nights in Jay Peak. The problem with booking a last minute trip is the fact that real deals are hard to find.

Perhaps it’s time to set reminders and a formal booking calendar. Since our problem sometimes is actually deciding where we will go, we must agree to make our final selection and then book by the deadline.

Spring Break

For Spring Break, we should decide the destination by 12/31 and book by 1/31.

Summer Vacation

Our 10-14-day summer vacation should be decided by 3/15 and booked by 4/15.

New Year’s Eve

If we want to continue the tradition of welcoming the new year in NYC, we should either book by 5/30 or wait for the last 2 weeks of the year. Last year, the Marriott Marquis did not have desirable rooms availability until the last week of the year.

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