I have spent the last week telling one of my coworkers to stop agonizing over having the very best lenses for every possible situation and instead focus on going on a trip and fill up a few memory cards with shots.

I recently looked back at trips from the last 10 years. I’m relieved that I used cameras that produced pictures that are good enough to be printed as posters today. But pictures from even further back still look and print fine.

Pushing the limits of night photography in 2006
Switching from Canon to Nikon in 2009

Would it had been better to have spent a few extra thousand dollars buying top of the line gear? Absolutely, but I’m glad I didn’t because my entry level DSLR did a wonderful job at a fraction of the price.

Some of my favorite pictures were taken using a Canon S40, a 4 megapixel bulky camera.

Summer 2002

These days, I’m shooting most of my pictures using my iPhone XS Max and my Panasonic LUMIX LX10.

I shot this picture on my LX 10, sent it to my iPhone via WiFi, and then cropped and repaired using Camera+ 2 and Touch Retouch. I’m now shooting in RAW and editing with Darkroom a lot more, but the point is the same. These days it’s harder and harder to find a camera that sucks! There are people winning awards using an iPhone 6! Thus it’s not a matter of gear, but passion and skill. I lost count of the times I’ve seen people taking pictures with a top of the line camera, but they haven’t taken the time to learn how to make the most of their fancy gear or how to shoot manual.

I’m old enough to remember the days of film, and how limiting analog photography used to be. Today even the cheapest camera in the market can produce great memories of our trips.

Capturing the end of the sunset using my iPhone

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