With a 6+ hour wait because there were no direct flights from PHX, I was searching for a lounge where to comfortably wait for my flight. The only option for terminal 2 travelers is the United Club.

This particular club is smaller and in worse shape than the ones at ATL and EWR. At 4pm, the place was very crowded. However, I was able to find a seat in the business center area.

This sofa tells you all you need to know about the state of this club. However, the alternative was to sit somewhere in the gate area or a restaurant/ cafe and wait. Staying here would give me the opportunity to work on a couple of presentations and other pending items.

Where else would you pay $59+tax for something like this?
Where else would you pay $59+tax for something like this?

Oscar how about getting some work done from this cubicle?

You might think that I should not complain because I did not actually shell $59 out of pocket, yet since I did pay $95 for my United whatever the name is card, all I’m getting is 2 passes for $95, that’s a $25 discount on the purchase of 2 United Club tickets.

Since I have United silver status, this discount is the only reason to keep the United card. I had seen that there were no other choices at PHX when I still had time to cancel my card before the annual fee kicked in.

The internet at the club was surprisingly good.

After a couple of hours, the main area emptied up, and I moved there for the rest of my stay. This area was in much better shape. The bar looked fine, but I did not drink any alcoholic beverages during this long stay. The refreshments and snacks were similar to ATL and EWR: coffee, tea, fruit-infused water, cheese/crackers, etc. In typical United fashion, my flight was delayed 40 minutes(just like on my way over) thus, my stay at the United Club was a great value after all. When I left the club there were some people sitting on the floor at the super crowded gate area which validated my using the day pass.

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