We are in the middle of a heated family debate about where to go in a couple of weeks. Staying home is not an option! Flights to certain Caribbean spots are as high as $1,759! A decent hotel room is going for well over $250 a night in that area.

To my surprise, San Francisco and Madrid seem to be the only 2 cities with good flight prices at this moment.

We really don’t want to use up too many of our points since we plan to go back to Europe later in the year.

But going back to the 2 spots with appealing flight prices, if we choose to go to SFO, we would probably spend just a couple of days there and do a road trip to LA then flight back home. Depending on our mood, once in the LA area, we could head to Disneyland for 2 days.

If we head to Spain, we could go to Mallorca for 3 or 4 days then head back to Madrid. Another option would be to spend a couple of days in Barcelona or any Spanish beach.

The lesson, I’ve learned is that if we don’t book our flight and hotels by January, we can end up blowing up a lot of money and points in a last minute “deal.” That is if we don’t book 3-6 months in advance actual deals are unlikely to come by.

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