Everything went as it should. I arrived later than usual (8:30 pm)to the Atlanta Marriott Northeast/Emory Area.

Check-in was a breeze. My room on the top floor thanks to my new status was waiting for me. The hotel seems to have been remodeled recently and it looks more like a Renaissance than a Marriott, but there is nothing wrong with that.

Another interesting thing about this hotel was the fact that its M Club is open 24/7. The club is the only one I have seen which lets you order from the restaurant next door. Some people may feel that they are being forced to buy food, but in my case having access to the restaurant menu from the lounge made perfect sense.

The room was clean, comfortable and slick-looking like a modern Renaissance. While for my purposes the location was perfect, I did hear folks lament that this was a great hotel in the middle of nowhere.

I had issues printing some notes and my boarding pass, but Ms. Liburd at the front desk took great care of me. I had a very candid and funny conversation the GM while waiting for a colleague.

Overall, this is one of those rare occasions when everything goes just right while staying at a hotel. This is the way every Marriott should run.

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