If you’ve read any of my posts about airports, you already know that I’m not a fan of waiting at the gate. The way I see it, any lounge is at least a step up from the crowded, uncomfortable gate areas at most airports.

I had just had a surprisingly tasty Cuban bowl at ATL’s Papi’s when I noticed that there is a Minute Suite near gate 8. While I’m not thrilled with the concept, it beats the gate area any time.

Unlike regular lounges, the Minute suites do not offer complementary refreshments or snacks of any kind. This type of location seem aimed at nappers or those who want a mini office (the size of some Paris, Tokyo or NYC apartments).

I was a bit concerned with the fact that they take your credit card for incidentals, and I can’t quite see how one can prove one did not eat anything.

As you can see, the prices seem quite reasonable for an airport. The cost of the first hour at the Minute Suite is included with Priority Pass, each additional hour costs $28. I will now chill until my boarding time approaches, have a great rest of your day!

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