I would love to be a Glabalist as ridiculous as that name sounds. Hyatt is my favorite hotel chain and it also has what I consider to be the most valuable hotel rewards currency especially when it comes to transferring points from Chase. While 30,000 Hyatt points can get you a night at a top hotel in New York, Zurich or Paris, one would need at least 50,000 or as many as 90,000 points for one night at a top Marriott hotel!

The 2 things that made me feel not so bad about this wave of changes weren’t: 1) the hotels that went up in price did so by 5,000 points. 2) 3 NYC Hyatts will actually cost less.

And the bonus: except for the Hyatt Regency Cartagena, none of my favorite Hyatts in the world will cost more!

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