We arrived at 46th Street and 8th Avenue via Uber and the ride could not have been smoother. There were 2 Marquis representatives outside of the entry point who checked to make sure I had a reservation and later assisted us getting through the first security check. There were 2 additional check points before arriving at the hotel.

Once we made it to the front desk on the 8th floor, we had to wait about 30 minutes to get our room keys and the mobile key activated. By the way, the mobile key never worked. There was only one person taking care of the elite line and the regular line was shorter at times. I tried to be seen via the elite line since it seems sometimes the staff on the regular line is not aware of elite benefits, etc. In this case, the person at the elite line seemed to not be happy with her role or having to deal with people who in many instances have a sense of entitlement. I did not feel particularly appreciated or that this person cared about my business. Overall, this was a C-/D interaction. What’s the point of being a Platinum Premier Elite member if one gets treated like a burden?

This is the busiest time of the year, and as such the elevators couldn’t handle the number of guests, there we instances when it felt like we waited for over 15 minutes to get down or up. Getting up to our room for the first time took well over 12 minutes.

So many Platinums came for NYE that the lounge remained closed and breakfast and snacks were served on the 5th floor. This was a great move on Marriott’s part. Anything less than this would have been a disaster.

We were very pleased with all the offerings at the expanded lounge. They also didn’t put a limit on the number of guests Elite members could bring. I have seen hotels turn away a third family member while others charge $25-$50 for each additional guest.

The highlight of our stay was the view from our 35th floor room.

We had a partial view of the main stage and were able to see how the crowd defied the constant rain and as time went by the crowd only grew.

After we settled in the room we request room service, while we were told it would take 40 minutes, our food was delivered in under 15 minutes. The food was actually better than expected.

Other than the Elite desk person, everyone else we interacted with seemed great.

While we were able to check in early, I had requested late check out, but instead of 4 pm, we had to leave by 1 pm.

I think this will be our last NYE in the city for a while, but who knows maybe we’ll just return and do it in 2019!

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