During 2018, we visited most of the places on our wish list except for Peru and San Diego. It’s time to put more places on the list for the next year. We have already been invited to Disney World, Punta Cana and Colombia. However, the biggest trip of the year would be returning to Italy with the family.

App In The Air, one key app in my travel toolkit even creates a nice video review of one’s travels. Mine only includes the last few months of the year, since I started using it in August, but next year it will include all my trips.

As I was thinking about past trips, I found a post with a little more on our list last year.

Next year, I will look back at this post and see how things went. I’m also reminded of the fact that trips with others tend to involve some kind of negotiation and compromise. If it were up to me, I would go to Iceland, Argentina and Switzerland in 2019, but those wishes will have to be negotiated and done in future years. For instance, I could combine the last 2 destinations into a 2-week trip. Argentina could also be combined with a few days in Peru, Colombia or Ecuador.

Then there are also unexpected trips that end up as pleasant surprises. For instance, I enjoyed my time in Denver and Orlando.

For now, let’s raise our imaginary cup and toast for all the wonderful trips we had and the ones we will have in 2019!

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