Last year when I got my beloved Panasonic LUMIX LX10, my sole concern was battery life. I tried to get a second battery, but at that time they were not available or easy to find. Before heading to Scandinavia, I decided to take another look at potential solutions. I wanted an charger and a battery. I always try to only get original batteries, but this time around I was intrigued by the Wasabi charger and 2 battery bundle.

The reviews were mostly favorable and for $20 I was getting not 1, but 2 batteries plus a charger that came with a EU adapter. I was going to still get the original battery for $45, but decided to just give the Wasabi bundle a try. During our Norway in a Nutshell tour, we began taking pictures at 6:40 am and took hour last picture at the Bergen main station at 9:06 pm. We were able to take 936 pictures and a few videos using using 2 of the batteries. It’s save to assume that under normal conditions one could get as many pictures from the Wasabi batteries as the original Panasonic battery. It was great to have 3 batteries and the peace of mind of knowing that we were not going to run out of juice at the best moment. This Wasabi bundle has definitely earned a spot on my travel bag!


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