Sometimes I have thought, why don’t we just build a brand new airport near NYC. This is not a Manhattan Project level endeavor. Let me put that thought aside, and focus on the fact that LGA is just the worst airport I have ever seen. Now if like me, you are forced to travel via LaGuardia look at the brighter side of things, there is a Centurion Lounge. I don’t think there’s anything else positive about LGA. I would have preferred if the lounge were air side though, but I fear people would never leave. However, I would also wish that we could magically swap LGA for BGO in a blink of an eye. Then I suspect Norway would go back to being Vikings and want their wonderful airport back.

I found my way to the Centurion lounge.

The breakfast was delicious! The intention here is to make even a mundane French toast feel refined.

While the place is small, I don’t think there is a better place to be at LGA.

After 9 am, the place began to get crowded, but again once you remember where you are, you don’t want to leave until it’s time to fly. The person at the desk told me there were cameras to allow us to see how long the security lines are.

My plan was to just head to the TSA ✔️ line an hour before my flight. It turns out that it took me all of 3 minutes to make it through security. The person at the Centurion Lounge desk was right. I could have waited until 11:15 am. The gate area instantaneously reminded me why traveling via LaGuardia can be such a pain: overcrowded space and completely dilapidated facilities. It’s as if they were running of of the busiest airports in the country at a loss! This plane represents LGA.

It’s old and they have not even bothered to update the logo and the livery which are several versions behind.

If you ever have to travel via LGA give yourself extra time to arrive and if you actually get here early, check out the Centurion Lounge. I have been saying for years that this premium lounge network should be emulated by Amex’s rivals. Aside from first class lounges, the LGA Lounge Might simply be the best lounge in New York(city and state).

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