After conducting extensive research online on how to make the most of our time in Scandinavia and what the optimal itinerary would look like for us, we ended up with a compromise. In exchange for spending one week in Copenhagen, Oslo and Bergen we would return to Paris for 2 days and head back home from the City of Light. Ultimately our trip looked like this:

Day 1: arrival in Copenhagen

Day 2: Copenhagen

Day 3: Copenhagen in the morning and travel to Oslo via overnight Ferry.

Day 4: Oslo

Day 5: Norway in a Nutshell tour

Day 6: Bergen

Day 7: Bergen and flight to Paris in the evening.

Day 8: Paris

Day 9: Paris

Day 10: Morning in Paris and afternoon flight home.

Since one thing is to plan and another to execute, would we do things different now that everything is done? The answer is simple, for our travel style this itinerary was perfect. While we could have spent one more day in Copenhagen and another in Oslo, going back to Paris and returning home from there just worked. If we had gone to Stockholm or another Scandinavian metropolis our return flight might have been even longer. Heading to Amsterdam or Belgium instead of Paris would have also worked. If we did the Norway in a Nutshell tour again, we would probably fly from Reayevjk or London to Bergen and do the tour as a couple of days trip from there.

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