Traveling for business for most of us has nothing to do with traveling in business. As a matter of fact traveling for business tends to be diagonally opposed to traveling in business these days. I think calling business class executive class as airlines like Avianca do, makes a lot more sense.

I just got home from a grueling week of business travel. While I do everything in my power to actually make my travels for business as pleasant as possible, I realized that not all of us feel that way or try to make our time away from home as comfortable as possible.

For instance, I interacted with people who fly at least monthly, but have never bothered to get TSA Pre✔️ or Global Entry. By the way, even if you only use it once or twice in five years getting GE makes more sense than TSA Pre✔️. On my way back, my buddy took about an hour to go through security at ATL, while my other buddy and I went trough security in 3 minutes.

While people in the points and miles hobby have been following every second of the Marriott/Ritz-Carlton/SPG program integration saga, many frequent travelers could care less. I know because I just spent a week with road warriors and while a few of us knew about the latest development in quasi-real-time, the rest had no clue.

There are people who have been traveling for decades yet have never set food inside an airport lounge even when they have suffered through more delays and cancelled flights that they can count.

As I explained to my dear buddy, I could care less for United Club passes because my Chase Sapphire Reserve and my Amex Platinum get me into most lounges, however the United card gets me on the plane early every time and to me that’s worth the $95 annual fee. Those with United Silver status get almost the same benefits, but if you don’t travel enough on a single airline to have status, their co-branded credit card might do the trick.

Co-branded Hotel credit cards might also help you with status as does the Amex Platinum. Again during this trip while the points and miles enthusiasts could share stories of how awesome our upgrades and perks came our way, others got the least convenient rooms. Knowing how to maximize loyalty does make a difference.

You don’t have to be a points and miles fantastic to make your business travel more like traveling is business class. If you are reading this post and know of seasoned travelers who still ignore the game changing art of points and miles, please help them see the light.


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