This last week I was struck by how different experiences can be while staying at the same hotel during the same dates. Our office made reservations for 3 of us. As usual, I took the first flight of the day and arrived at the hotel around Noon. My collegues took a later flight and suffered through several delays. Instead of arriving at 6 pm. They made it to the hotel after midnight. When I arrived, I explained to the desk person that unfortunately my reservation had been done via a third party and I knew I would not be getting points, night credits, etc. He went ahead and added my membership to the reservation, and then proceeded to give water bottles, and an upgrade to a higher floor, best available room. I went from the 3rd floor to the 12th with a king bed and great view.

My colleagues were sent to the 3rd floor, and for one of them things went badly. She had to switch rooms twice! In my case, I felt that beyond the lobby/atrium the rest of the hotel felt mostly dated and in need of upgrades. My room had a bit of a not so nice smell, but this was not a deal breaker. I did not have time to start a switching process like my colleague had done. She had to do it because in the first room, taking a shower was not a possibility and in the second the toilet did not work. My other collegue, however had nothing to complain about. Her experience went without a hitch. No bathroom isues, no weird smell of any kind.

At the end of the week, they had to return to the hotel because their flights had been cancelled, neither had issues with the new rooms.

When the next day, my flight was also canceled, I told the same story to the person at the desk, I said I understood I would not be given credit or points for this new stay because my people had booked it via a third party travel site. I was given a junior suite with one of the best views in the entire city!

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