Once again, here’s the criteria:

  1. Keep all my trip related information (reservations, notes, etc.) in one place
  2. Be smart enough to use my hotel information and favorite places to build daily itineraries. But also only include attractions that are open on the days/times it adds them to my plans.
  3. Provide transportation information offline i.e. let me know how to get from the airport to my hotel, from my hotel to places I want to visit as well as from one point of interest to the next, then back to my hotel. Ideally this information can be minimized and expanded as needed, but I should never depend on WiFi or phone service to access it.
  4. Provide little handy extras like packing checklists, tips, etc.

OK, Visit a City (VaC) doesn’t keep all my travel information in one place. It doesn’t provide offline directions either, but it outshines all other apps when it comes to building daily itineraries.

If your city is on the list then you are treated to the most flexible and savvy itinerary building I’ve seen.

If I select Zürich, the app starts me with 4 different one day itineraries. The beauty of the app is the flexibility one gets once a n itinerary is selected.

I can basically reorder the suggested attractions, delete those I’m not interested in and also add any attraction. Things get even better once I add my hotel.

Now, one thing the app should definitely address it’s the fact that while it gives me the time it takes to go from one attraction to another it does not include the actual directions. If you tap “Go” it will give you a list of apps that can tell you how to get there.

Again, this would never be an issue if one has access to WiFi or would not incur on mobile internet fees. The apps also lets me know if the attraction is open or not.

In addition to the recommended time to stay there. Thus everything that Google Maps and TripIt are missing with regards to daily plans can be found using VaC. This app seems to make money by selling you tickets to tours and attractions. I know this might bother some people. The other thing is that not all cities are listed. If your destination has not yet been added, the app will be useless for you.

Final Thoughts

At this point I have come to the conclusion that my one app to rule them all does not yet exist. In the meantime, I will keep all my confirmations, directions and notes on TripIt and build my daily plans on VaC.

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