For several years, I have traveled using my STM Alley shoulder bag. a few weeks ago I noticed that my tendency to overpack had damaged the STM Alley.

Finding a bag that is elegant and functional can be more challenging than one may anticipate. The Wirecutter has a number of great suggestions however, while most seemed to get the functionality side of the equation, they looked either too techie or informal for what I was looking for. Since at this point I can’t use the STM, I was about to buy the Incase Icon backpack, when I noticed that my partner had placed several great options for me to see on the Amazon cart. The top choice was the Briggs and Riley sympatico, SP160-4.

In my reseach, I had not seen this model, but it immediately made a great impression. While it is a bit more expensive that other models or about 3 times the price of the STM, Briggs and Riley has great reputation and in the past I had considered buying one of their carry-ons.

I pulled the trigger and the bag arrived the next day. As you can see on the picture above, packing a lot more won’t be an issue. The bag has clearly been designed with the business traveler in mind. You can easily place it on top of your carry-on, use its outside pocket to place your mobile phone, boarding pass and ID. I’ll let you know how this bag performs the next time I hit the road.

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