This past Spring break, we ended up booking a trip nearby during high season at outrageous prices.

I honestly feel horrible because for what we spent we could have gone to Iceland and have a much better time.

While last year around this time, we had an amazing time Colombia (Cartagena, and Bogotá), this year a combination of extra projects and issues coordinating travel with relatives, we ended up heading to Kalahari in Pennsylvania.

My take on the resort

The Bad

The check-in process was a mess. Long lines and long wait times.

The room was average size and clean. The room service was the worst we have ever experienced and yes we did leave tips, but it made no difference.

Customer service at the resort is hit or miss, we mostly experienced the latter.

The good

The resort is less than 2 hours from home. The water park itself is in great shape and they say it’s the biggest in the country. The inside/outside hot tub was the highlight of our trip.

The Ugly

The biggest issue we encountered related to the food/drinks. There are 3 or 4 restaurants which all close by 9 pm or so. What they call “world class dining,” it’s really so-so dining, the only outstanding thing are the prices and wait times. Expect to pay ~$250 for family of 3 dinner at one of the high end restaurants. Don’t try to get drunk at the water park, seriously the drinks are the most expensive that we have ever seen. While there avoid eating as well, the food is low quality, but greatly overpriced.

Final thoughts

I’m sure there are ways to have a great time at Kalahari while spending a lot less money. Groupon and other online sites will have great deals during shoulder and low seasons. For the price you would be better of going to Disney or Iceland, trust me it’ll cost you less!

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