With Marriott’s recent revelations that many category 9 hotels will soon cost 50,000 or even 60,000 points per night, while a top Hyatt still goes for 30,000 per night. I was looking at Paris hotels and the Park Hyatt Vendôme which is arguably better than any top Marriott hotel, will soon cost half the points. However, my partner pointed out that this is only true if one is transferring those points from a Ultimate Rewards account.

If one looks at the earning rates of Hyatt and Marriott credit cards, it might be almost equally easy to earn the necessary amount of points for a top hotel. It might seem strange and I had never thought about this detail because most of my points come from my Chase Sapphire Reserve(CSR) and the Freedom Unlimited.

I see no advantage in paying with my Hyatt card during my stays. My CSR gives me the same amount of Hyatt points, but better because I could transfer the points I earn to Marriott or airline partners. If I had the Marriott card, it would make sense to pay with it during Marriott stays because it would yield 6 points per dollar. The Hyatt card gives me 2x points in 3 categories (restaurants, airlines and car rentals), the new Marriott card offers 2x on everything other than Marriott stays.1The CSR will continue to be my go to card for everything travel related except Marriott stays. Again, when it comes transferring points from Chase’s UR Hyatt night’s cost half when compared to Marriott and even less if compared to IHG.

  1. The Amex SPG Card which will soon be history offered the equivalent of 3x Marriott points per dollar spent.

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