Well, it’s out and most of the details are here.

The Good

So far things were better than expected. Marriott could have become as valuable as Hilton or IHG.

SPG top hotels will cost moderately less and be capped at 100,000 points or as little as 70,000 points during the Of-peak season.

The Bad

We don’t know which hotels are going to be in what new reward category.

On average former category 8 and 9 Marriott’s will go up in price at least 5,000 points, but since we don’t know their new category it could be as much as 55,000 points more in the worst case scenario.

The Ugly

The jig is up for Amex Platinum (AP)Card holders. One of the awesomest features of the AP was getting automatic gold status with Hilton and SPG (which became Marriott gold as well). While someone would need 50 nights to reach Marriott gold without the AP. In the new rewards program gold is useless.

Before there was little difference between gold and platinum, but now gold became pretty much silver.


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