The convenience of mobile apps is undeniable. We use our mobile phone more than any other computer. However, most mobile apps while super convenient do not give us all we need.

Delta for instance claims that you can do it all on its app. In reality the Delta mobile app lacks the power and flexibility of Delta’s website. United mobile app would not let you upgrade to business class via the app, you need either the full version of the website on the phone or a regular computer.

When it comes to hotels, things are even worse in my experience. I have found that Hyatt and Marriott apps do not show you everything that’s available. The issue is that what the apps don’t show you can be the great deal you’ve been looking for! I needed to stay at a Hyatt last Saturday and the hotel that showed no award night availability on the app was magically available on my Mac.

The Marriott app doesn’t t show some amazing Ritz-Carlton deals that can easily be found on a computer browser!

Here’s what I was missing by using the app:

This deal is much better than going back to the JW Marriott, which by the way is costing more than the R-C.

From now on, as much as I love mobile apps, I will make sure to also check on my computer.


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