To test the wired performance, I had to dust off and recharge my good old iPod Classic. I first tried listening without turning on the XM2 and they sounded great to my non-audiophile ears. While using the iPod kills the ability to use the handy app, I was quite pleased with the way the headphones handled opera, hip hop and rock with noise canceling on and off.

To test the noise canceling performance I pitted the XM2 against our heating system, the kitchen air extractor, the dryer, washer and hair dryer.

In all these instances, the ambient sound control on the app allowed me to make the noise go away. I originally had a setting that was allowing a bit of ambient noise to come through. The beauty of the app is that one gets a lot more control on how noise is handled, rather than just on/off or 3 specific settings. The XM2 promise to adapt to what you are doing, standing, walking, sitting, traveling. I have no doubt that the XM2 will be able to handily shield me from engine noise and crying babies on my next trip. I will of course write up an update as soon as I fly again.

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