Look and feel

I have avoided over the ear or bulky headphones for years. I have relied on Etymotic, Shure, RHA and even Bose QC i20 to handle the noise while I travel. It’s undeniable that my new XM2 are bulky, but they are also slick(in a geek kind of way) and premium. The way this headset feel in my hands put my concerns about the quality of the product to rest.


I had previously compared this headset and the Bose QC 35II and side by side, the latter feel lighter and at first glance more comfortable. For an fair comparison, one would need to do a scientific test. That aside, the XM2 do not feel uncomfortable after a few hours of use. I’m sure, I will easily get used to them after a couple of long trips.

Sound quality

The moment you pair the headset to your phone, it will suggest downloading the app.

Before testing the noise canceling capabilities of my XM2, I decided to test its ability to handle different generes. In my initial test, they handled everything from classical music to hip hop quite nicely. Call it the bliss of not being an audiophile if you wish, but to my humble ears the Sony WH-1000XM2 sound as good or better than anything else I have ever had. I paired the XM2 to my Apple TV and watched the Counterpart season finale. The show felt more immersive than when I watch it straight from the tv. I was concerned about latency, however, I did not notice any at all.

In a way, the great sound and additional controls are added bonus because noise canceling was the primary reason to get this product. Their many features over the competition are just added value.

On the next post, I will share my take on the Sony 1000XM2’s wired performance and noise canceling.

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