When I was forced to return home via AA, I first lamented the fact that I would be flying AA and the lack of lounges other than Admiral lounges at CLT.

Well, made it to the airport quickly even though it was rush hour. It took me about 5 minutes to go through security thanks to the Pre✔️ line only having 5 people. Then the update came: “your flight is delayed, new departure time is 10:00 pm. You can change your flight free of charge.” I checked and the earlier flight all go to JFK and LGA.

Everybody is leaving Charlotte this evening! I could not find a place to sit near the gate. So I came to the Admiral Club and after befriending the desk person, I was given the privilege of buying a $59 day pass to the club. Since I still have not gotten all of my Sapphire Reserve $300 credit, I paid with this card.

The club is one of the biggest I have seen. The available snacks are nothing to be excited about. This is very similar to the United Club at EWR. The soup is the only hot thing available and according to some reviews the food high mark of the place.

Cost aside, staying here for a couple of hours made my delay a lot easier to deal with.

I used the WiFi which as you can see below, could be better, but it did work.

You’ll have an easier time uploading than downloading while at the club.

When I left the club and headed to my gate the crowd at terminal C reminded me of Times Square! What a mess!

Getting home

Boarding was a circus, my seat was 7A and my boarding group was 6. Why on earth you would need 9 groups is beyond my ken. But I freaked out a little since on Delta and United I board in groups 1 and 2 respectively. In practice, AA’s group 6 is just slight worse than the above which would be the equivalent of AA’s group 5. I made it to the plane ahead of ~60% of the people, and ended up swapping my seat to allow a family to stay together.

In my opinion, AA’s seats on this flight are a bit better than United’s don’t get me wrong both are crap, but AA seem ever so slight wider and with a bit of more cushion.

The flight attendants seem to be playing a game of I hate my job, but I do it somewhat nicely and I hate my job-why am doing this with my life?

We made it just 2 hours and 7 minutes late.

AA continues to hold to its place as my least favorite airline even when compared with United. After over a decade of avoiding it today my streak came to and end and AA performed just as I would have expected, delayed flight, super crowded terminal, a messy boarding process that included 2 flight to the same airport boarding side by side.

As I have pointed out before, the Big US3 have no real insensitive to improve in any shape or form because they don’t have real competition. If any airline were allow to let’s dream travel from Asia to New York and from NY to FL or CA before heading out of the US again, things would be very different. However, why would AA change if it makes record profits being a champion of mediocrity?

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