Over the years we have rarely have to cancel or postpone a trip. However, travel issues might pop up when we least expect them. During pre-ride sharing times, our ultra reliable car did not start as we were getting ready to take our first trip to Disney World.

While the trip might not be canceled or postponed, one can also be seriously late due to traffic, airlines being airlines, weather, etc.

It’s good to know what our options are at the time of booking. While you have 24 hours to make changes to most flights, hotels are a different story. Do not assume they all have the same restrictions. Thus, book with a positive mind, but pay attention to cancelation and change policies.

What happens if you or someone in your party gets sick during a trip?

Most premium credit cards offer some level of trip insurance. Make sure you book with the card that affords you the best protection. You may also want to consider extra trip insurance. Do your research and purchase wisely.

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