I’m not a fan or Bose or Sony, but with my Bose QC 20 dying on me sometime ago, I have to look back at these 2 companies for help. At this time, Bose and Sony seem to be competing for the top of the noise canceling market. Apple is rumored to be working on some kind of premium noise canceling headphone to be available at some point next year or who knows when. My last 2 trips have made me really really yes really miss noise canceling bliss.

Luckily for me these have been short trips, but I don’t even want to imagine a trip longer than 4 hours suffering through the hell that flying with the engine noise and crying babies can be. As I type this, there is a lovely baby crying so loud that you would think she wanted the entire’s plane undivided attention.

I don’t know if the parents work for Bose or what, but I’ll have a pair of Bose QC 35 II on my next trip.

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