For over a decade I have successfully avoided flying on any American Airlines flight. It seems my success has come to an end. In a few weeks my return flight home will be on AA because there is no other choice.

I need to be back home that evening because the next day we are going on a family trip. Luckily for me this is a very short flight. I did have to join the DisAAdvantage loyalty program and downloaded the app for a couple of reasons. First, without an account, I won’t be getting TSA Pre✔️ on my ticket. Second, I wanted to check out the app and overall experience.

I did notice that similar seats on similarly priced flights (my outbound vs. return) AA prices are better than United’s.

Both apps make it easy to upgrade to a better main cabin seat. For some reason while United requires one to go to their full page (not mobile version), AA makes it so hard to upgrade to business both on the app and regular site.

The airport I will be flying from only has Admiral Clubs. It crossed my mind that if the upgrade to business is as cheap as it is to upgrade to a “premium” seat, it might make sense to upgrade. You can probably feel the “but,” coming. Upgrading to domestic business does not seem to get you into an Admiral club. You need to pay $59 for that privilege. My assigned seat does not seem that bad thus my chances of not having to check my carryon are good. Still, AA is the only Big US3 with which I don’t get priority boarding.

With regards to the miles I will be getting, I think I will credit them to British Airways.

Let’s see how things go with this trip, who knows maybe it will be time to fly AA regularly again?

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