One of our friends was asking me why were we heading to a Hyatt in Washington, DC during the long weekend. The truth is we were tempted to go back to the JW or try the W. Prices were so competitive this past weekend that hotels like the Hay-Adams and the Jefferson were also tempting. At some point, we were set to book the Park Hyatt, however our party was larger than usual and they did not have a big enough room available.

Since our trip had to be cut short, we ended up using our Hyatt card free anniversary certificate at the Grand Hyatt.

Ok, here the answer before, I continue. Hyatt offers the very best value especially when one transfer points from Chase. We find ourselves checking if there is a Hyatt where we are going. A top Hyatt property cost us 15,000 less than a top Marriott property. Upgrading to a suite is 3,000 points. We usually pay for club level upgrade and this can be a great value especially outside of the US.

But great value is not the only reason. We have had mostly, if not only positive experiences staying at Hyatts. Our only problem is the fact that sadly, Hyatts are not everywhere.

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