Since I switched to the Mac over a decade ago, there have been very few products that have made me feel as good as it felt to setup and use my first iMac running OS X Tiger. Apple has continued to be my favorite tech company all these years. Things could have been better and there are times when my faith in Cupertino has been tested to the limits. Yes, I love the iPhone X and the 10.5″ iPad Pro, but the AirPods are the product that has renewed my faith in Apple.

AirPods represent Apple’s essence. A product that has limited features, yet delivers so well in certain aspects that it feels magical. After setting up the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini, setting up the AirPods felt like a whole different level. A level which we expect from every single Apple product yet not always get.

Over the years, I have had a number of headphones from Etymotic, RHA, Shure, Bose, Klipsch. While right now Bose and Sony top of the line offerings are better in terms of noise canceling, the AirPods are worth bringing along on every trip. The AirPods are a joy to use from the moment you set them up, the way they take advantage of iCloud to seamlessly work with all your other iDevices to how cool it is to check battery status.

While the AirPods won’t be the only headphones in my travel kit, they certainly are the most enjoyable. In my limited experience, all the hype is justified.

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