I have been using Siri heavily in spite of its many short comings since before it was bought by Apple. I was a lot more hesitant about letting Amazon and Google have a place in my life due to privacy concerns. I trust Apple to keep things more private.

I was disappointed when Apple did not release the promised HomePod and during Black Friday the offers were just too good to resist. I got the Amazon Echo Dot and a smart switch for $35. I also took advantage of the Amex/Google Express/ Walmart offer and got a couple of Google Home minis for about $7 when everything is said and done.

While I placed both orders the same day, I got the Amazon shipment within 2 days while Google Expresses/Walmart took another week. I plan to test both voice activated devices extensively during the upcoming weeks, however, since I’m obsessed about travel I could not help, but wonder: once we get used to one of this home assistants, won’t we want to take them with us on the road? This is an area where as an Apple user, Siri seems to have an advantage at this point since we use our mobile phones everywhere. Yet, I’m intrigued by Google’s integration of calendar and all the travel related information it already collects as evidenced by Google Trips. I will try to find out if Alexa has ways of matching Google in this area. Will these assistants provide useful travel support while also making our place away from home feel more like the home we are used to? I’ll try to find in the upcoming weeks.


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