Marriott decided to stay married to Amex and JPMorgan Chase. Points and miles aficionados have been waiting anxiously to see what Marriott’s next move post merger would be. Some of us thought Chase would get all the business, while others believed that Amex could not afford to lose the SPG/Marriott account.

I guess the future will bring more cards similar to the upcoming super premium Hilton card, the current Ritz-Carlton and no annual fee cards like the ones Delta and United have brought to the market recently.

I have been tempted to snag both the current Marriott and SPG cards. However, the uncertainty of what Marriott would do together with Chase’s 5/24 rule and Amex’s once per life time bonus rule made things complicated.

One could just get the SPG (30,000 Starpoints /90,000 Marriott points) and then the current 80,000 Marriott card. The next move: if one is under 5/24 would be to get Chase’s new premium card or if over 5/24 just go for the new super premium SPG. Hardcore enthusiasts will likely try to get 4 cards and even have their partners do the same! One would hope there won’t be any significant devaluations and that the sign up bonuses are equal or better than the currently available offers.

I usually stay at Marriott properties for business and pleasure. Although the value is usually less than Hyatt, I love the award availability as well as the fact that there are Marriotts in so many desirable places. By the , way, I just got my 12/30 booking confirmation. The points took 1 business day to transfer.

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