Although I was not able to get my order in on time, I was able to play with the new Apple hotness.

There are plenty of reviews out there, but you won’t get a real sense of how much you will love or hate this phone until you play with it. We headed to the nearest Apple store and after waiting for a few minutes 2 iPhones became available.

A true case of less being more…

I compared my iPhone 7 Plus with the iPhone X and at first glance the smaller X has more screen space than the Plus. If you pay close attention, you realize that since the bottom area on the X has to compensate for the lack of home button, there will be some instances when the X will not actually give you more screen area than the Plus.

The X feels a bit heavier than I expected, Apple seems to be paying homage to the original iPhone especially with the silver version. I will definitely get the space gray, but the silver looks better to me than previous silver models of the past.

I only played with the phone for 12 minutes or so, but in person the notch did not bother me as much as I anticipated based on the pictures and videos. I can see it disappearing after a few days or I’ll just hold the phone by the notch.

I’m leaving something extremely import out, the screen quality is second to none. I’ve seen some LGs and Samsung phones with great OLED screens, now Apple is at the same level as the best OLED screens money can buy. In addition, Apple is doing its in-house magic to ensure this is the best screen out there.

The biggest question about this phone is one that I could not test during this brief hands on: is this camera good enough to be my sole travel camera? I’m eager to see Austin Mann’s review.

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