Sometimes you visit a city without expecting much, then it becomes one of your favorite places in the world. That is one of the things that makes travel rewarding, you can’t really predict which places you are going to love or hate. I learned this lesson over a decade ago, when we visited a city that would have never been on our wish list. Can you guess what this mystery city is?

Well, that city has a twin and a special place in our hearts.

Minneapolis, Minnesota opened my eyes to the fact that how much we will like a city can’t be predicted. The only way to know is to actually go!

If you can’t handle the cold, I would recommend visiting during the summer months. We went there at the end of May and there was snow across from St. Paul’s Cathedral!

At that time, we loved the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis for its unbeatable location and great staff.

When people think of Minnesota Price and the Mall of America come to mind, but the area has a lot more going for it. In our experience, the people are awesome! We also enjoyed several great restaurants. Minneapolis is a beautiful, modern city with plenty of cultural appeal.

The next time you have to visit a city for a conference or business, remember keep an open mind, who knows you might like it so much it might even become your home.

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