I was working on my list of favorite travel related stuff from credit cards to gadgets I won’t travel with out, when I thought, “but what about my least favorite things?” One of the reasons why I tend to do extensive research on everything is the fact that I don’t like bad surprises. Most of the time, when I share my experiences they tend to be positive because I do my homework. However, there are times when I have no control over where I’ll stay during a business trip. My business travel is the main source of anti-picks.

Least favorite hotel: Crowne Plaza, Boston-Newton. I would not stay here again! If you need to stay in this area, the Hotel Indigo Boston is a much better option.

Least favorite Big US3 airline: American Airlines, I’ve successfully avoided AA for almost a decade! It’s not everyday someone would say, I rather fly United!

Least favorite Airline loyalty program currency: Delta SkyInches. While Flying Delta is better than most other domestic airlines, my dislike for their loyalty punishment currency is constantly growing.

Least favorite hotel rewards program currency: Hilton followed closely by IHG.

Least favorite NYC area airport: LGA, not even having a Centurion lounge makes this sad excuse of an airport appealing.

My least favorite airport: FLL/MSY. Both cities deserve better, so do travelers.

Least favorite airport lounge: virgin America at LAX. To some this is the best lounge in the country, in my experience it’s been the worst.

Enough negativity!

I promise much more positive posts soon.

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