Last night, I was taking a look at my upcoming flights, and decided to take a look at my upgrade options. I went to the United website since you can not upgrade to business on the app. I should not have been shocked, but somehow, I was! I know this is not the best or most cost effective product, so I decided to check JetBlue’s.

As you can see on these images, JetBlue’s Mint service on the same date costs a fraction of the cost of United. As a matter of fact you can take the family with you on Mint for less money!

I have not found a single review stating that United’s product is better than Mint. On the contrary, jetBlue’s premium class is widely considered to be the best available domestically.

Some might argue that with United one would have access to fancy clubs, but if you have Priority Pass you can find a fine lounge or if you hold the Amex Platinum you can go to the Centurion Lounge once on the West cost.

Simply put, JetBlue has the best and cheapest business class between NYC and the West Coast.

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