Google Flights has earned a special place in the hearts and minds of travelers everywhere. The most significant drawback with Google flight tracking service is the lack of a dedicated app. Momondo does a very similar job searching for flights deals, and some would argue it does a better job than Google. What puts Momondo over the top in my eyes is it’s beautiful and competent app.

This app is not only easy on the eyes, but it is highly customizable. I’m in love with the “Anywhere” options. You customize your search: your home airport, desired dates, number of passengers, ticket class, and number of stops. Then just select Anywhere and in seconds you will see fares for the entire world!

You can see the results on a map or as a list.

I find the country list particularly useful, for instance if I’m interested in Colombia, it shows me a list or map view of all its destinations.

You can also look at the price calendar. To see the cheapest available dates.

Then, you can also create an alert to track price changes by tapping on the bell icon with the “+” sign.

Once you do, you will get a confirmation message.

While Google Flights has become an essential tool for all of us, Momondo, and especially its great iPhone app also deserve our attention. The app is as gorgeous as it’s functional and fast.

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