Not so long ago, Amex added this new restriction to its lounges. I have read several comments welcoming the measure. The previous restriction was to limit the number of guests to 2. However, if this is one of Amex competitive advantages, why not build bigger lounges? Based on my experience, I don’t think many people buy day passes. The lounge space and comfort are no doubt part of what a premium experience should be. In the next few months, we can expect to see the 2 gets limit be lower to just one. Amex should build its lounges based on the demand, but I also know how naive and logical that sounds. The only thing that might inspire Amex to build lounges with the right capacity would be if the premium credit card competitors began to open lounges at key airports. I have had those hopes for sometime, especially when I saw the Chase Sapphire lounge (which turned out to be something very different from my first thought). Chase, Citi and all others should emulate Amex when it comes to these lounges. Amex should encourage them as per of a plan to make Centurion lounges less crowded. 🙂

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