In the past we have stayed at the Pop Century Resort, Coronado Springs, and the Art of Animation.

This time around, we are leaning towards going to the Swam using UR points or transferring points to Marriott/SPG. This hotel goes for about $270 per night. The cost using points is 10,285 SPG points per night. This hotel usually costs 12,000 SPG points per night. The SPG member price is $260 per night if paid cash. It’s important to keep in mind that 10,285 Starpoints are equivalent to 30,855 UR points. When I checked, Chase UR portal is charging 18,031 UR points per night.

Using SPG points to pay for this 5 night stay, one would need 123,420 UR points this amount includes the 5th night free SPG offers to its members. Using the Chase UR portal the total cost would be 90,155 UR points. We have always stayed at a Disney hotel. While the Swam is a SPG property, as far as I know, it offers the same perks found at the Disney-owned properties. We will be making a decision soon and if one of the Disney moderate or luxury properties comes down in price we might just book that.

At some point, we would like to try other options. However, the family consensus has been that staying onsite is part of the magic. When we visited Disneyland, we did not stay at a Disney hotel, but that’s because Disneyland is a different proposition. It would be great to evaluate the best alternatives to staying at a Disney property in the near future.

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