If you compare Citi’s premium card with the competition, you will clearly see that it falls behind or does not standout in any area expect the following 2:

  1. 4th hotel night free: even after this benefit was drastically trimmed (taxes and fees are excluded, plus the 4th night is average of the nightly cost)
  2. 3-hour trip delay benefit: you can get up to $500 if your trip is delayed more than 3 hours. The Reserve’s benefit kicks in after 6 hours.

One thing to keep in mind, if you apply for this card, you can only get the bonus if you have not received another bonus from the same Citi card “family” in the last 24 months. For instance, if you got the bonus on the Citi Thank You Preferred or Premier, you will automatically be disqualified for the Prestige bonus. At this point Citi is offering 75,000 ThankYou (TY) points if you spend $7,500 within 90 days of getting this card. This is by no means a great offer since TY points tend to be less valuable than UR points, MR points, and SPG Starpoints. Plus, the required minimum spend is one of the highest ever. Anyway, the bonus is not the reason to get this card, but rather the above 2 best in class perks.

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