Let’s get the ugly out of the way. The notch on the top of the line iPhone is simply a design disgrace. I’m a hardcore Apple fan or iFanboy, but I can not ignore this offense to good design taste. It is obvious that this will change in future models and this is a transitional solution. For the time being, Apple could not eliminate the bottom bezel only and say the screen goes edge to edge in all directions. It seems they decided to go 87.5% there, make it ugly and say we’re 100% there. Rather than, making the upper bezel as small as possible, making the phone more beautiful albeit not all screen edge to edge. I guess this is what Apple has come to call “courage.”

In the past, the Cupertino giant got a lot of flak for selling a 16GB iPhone. Back then, friends should not have let friends buy that model under any circumstances, yet it seems some people did. I know at least one person who had to constantly delete photos and videos. It was like having 2MB of email space which was the norm before Gmail came about, remember those days? One had to delete emails daily!

One could argue that the 64GB of storage on the entry level,top of the line, most expensive iPhone ever is as bad or worse than offering 16GB on cheaper models. I understand that Apple does not play with its profit margins and that marketing the phone for $999.00 sounds less expensive than saying $1000.00, but in reality if you get an X, (and I see no reason to get an iPhone 8) the only X that makes sense is the even more expensive 256GB, $1,149.00 version.

I’m writing this on the 128GB iPhone 7 Plus, on which I have more than 64GBs of 4K videos and photos and that’s after deleting a bunch of photos and videos once I backed them up on Flickr and Google Photos.

If you own one of these high end pocket super computers, storage should never be an issue.

The iPhone X will surely become my trusty travel companion once I’m able to get my hands on one. I’m sure the positives will eclipse the drawbacks I have outlined above. Maybe once I’m holding the phone by the notch side or use it for a few days, I will completely ignore this hideous design decision by the one company we have always accused of putting design above function. Then there is their decision to make the most expensive phone ever, but then wanting to mask it, potentially misguiding people to get a phone that can quickly become user hostile by forcing us to constantly have to monitor the storage usage. With that out of the way, for people like me, it’s the iPhone X 256GB or nothing!

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