Where we stayed

The 1,176-room Marriott Marquis Washington, DC. is a great convention hotel not far from everything you would like to see in DC. My 10th floor room was great and the staff was very attentive and professional.

Where we ate

I had received an invitation to visit the state of the art M Lounge a couple of days before my arrival. I visited the lounge as soon as I got to the hotel and then I had breakfast there the next 2 mornings.

Unlike other clubs, there was a strict 2 person limit per gold or platinum elite member. The security/podium person outside the lounge would make sure one was on the list before one even tried to enter the lounge. The lounge like the hotel is new and it is so far the biggest I have seen. The breakfast was always continental plus to full breakfast. During the evening time, premium spirits, bear and wine were available. I would definitely recommend checking out this lounge during your next stay at this hotel.

Royal Thai

We had a wonderful dinner at this place. We were told, “do not let the exterior fool you, the food is top notch.” This advice was quite accurate. All of us enjoyed what we ordered. In my case this was the best curry I had had in a while.

High Velocity

After taking care of business, we decided to stay at the hotel and eat at High Velocity. The wings and Marriott burger were both delicious, the service was great.

West Wing Cafe

WWC is supposed to be an Amazon company. The coffee and teas are very good and the food in general was good and affordable.

Last, while waiting for our train we got some good coffee and a sandwich at Le Pain Quotidien, again gracious service and fresh food.

My original plans were to stay in DC until today, but due to personal issues, I headed back north a day earlier. I also travelled back with one of my dear colleagues, thus I ended up downgrading my business class ticket to reserved coach. The truth is that after taking a quick look at the “business” cars, I don’t think I missed anything!

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