Most of the time I fly anywhere I need to go for business. Last week we were traveling to Canada by car and this week I took Amtrak to D.C. In order to compare experiences, I decided to travel on coach on the way to the nation’s capitol, and return to the NYC metro area on Amtrak regional in business class.

This train is slightly more comfortable than an interstate bus, but a bit wider and roomier. Reserved coach to my surprise did not mean you get an assigned seat, I guess it just means you bought the ticket ahead of time.

This particular train was running 17 minutes behind schedule. I must add that there are very few opportunities to take pictures of beautiful scenes.

The 9:52 am train made it to D.C. Around 1:30 pm.

The one word description of the entire experience would be: utilitarian.

Pro Tip when dealing with Amtrak, I would recommend calling rather than using the app or website. I had to change my departure time 2 times and calling resolved my issues rather quickly. Amtrak reps made the time change a breeze. This experience was far superior than any of the interactions I have ever had with airlines. The Amtrak app while functional still needs to improve a lot.

I feel it would be unfair to compare this service with the high-speed European trains, but maybe the service is similar to the regional trains that lack speed, extra comfort and high end amenities. The experience overall is better than having to deal with the airport. Although some might argue that flying out of LGA visiting the Centurion lounge, taking advantage of TSA ✔️ to beat long lines and then heading to D.C. might be better than the train. Yet, one thing is clear, going by rail is much less hassle.

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