Over the last decade, we have stayed at most of the top Niagara Falls area hotels. So far, the Embassy Suites is our favorite hotel in Niagara Falls. When it comes to choosing the best hotel in the Falls, it all comes down to one thing: view of the Falls. It’s usually possible to get great deals using one of those social deal sites. However, we are once again making last minute plans. Our top choice this time around is the Marriott Fallsview (next door to the Embassy Suites, which is perhaps the only top hotel we have not stayed at), the Sheraton at the Falls (contacted to a waterpark). During Memorial weekend, prices are prohibitive and the only way points help is if we use them to pay for the most expensive night. The Marriott would cost 40,000 miles per night, while the Sheraton would cost 30,000. However, the rooms you can book with points at the Sheraton do not have views of the Falls at all. Then there are another couple of possibilities, like staying on the US side of the Falls on arrival, then spending the next day on the Canadian side and heading to Niagara-on-the-Lake at night.

The current situation

At this time, the Marriott Fallsview doesn’t have rooms available on Saturday. It doesn’t make sense to stay there on Friday since the rate is lower and therefore paying cash is better than using points. A room with a wonderful view of the Canadian Falls is available on Sunday.

Where we plan to go

To us going to Niagara Falls includes a visit to Niagara On-The-Lake, which feels like traveling back in time.

We plan to take a little detour and eat another 3.5LBS steak at the Riverstone Grill (of Man VS Food fame).

We will do most of the touristy stunts and meet with local relatives to spend some quality time.

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